GHG InstituteEP(GHG) Certification

GHG Management Institute, in partnership with Environmental Careers Organization of Canada, also known as “ECO Canada”, is proud to offer a groundbreaking global personnel certification program for “carbon management” professionals.

The Environmental Professional Certification on Greenhouse Gases – EP(GHG) is the world’s first and only professional greenhouse gas-related certification accredited to ISO 17024 and stands as a uniquely robust, globally recognized credential.

The EP(GHG) is open to all qualified professionals working on the quantification and/or verification of GHGs arising from national activities, from activities of organizations, entities, facilities or emissions reduction projects.

GHG Quantification
Professionals in this area quantify, assess and report GHG emissions and emissions reductions that result from the activities of organizations, entities, facilities or GHG emissions reduction projects. Their work can be categorized into two major domains:

  • Inventory Quantification
  • Project Quantification

GHG Verification
Professionals in this area act as the independent party that evaluates how a GHG inventory or project has been established and/or reported against program criteria and/or a specific protocol that states expectations of greenhouse gas accounting principles. Their work can be categorized into three major domains:

  • Quantification Expert
  • Auditing Expert
  • Team Lead

In addition to the EP(GHG), we are offering the Environmental Professional in Training title – EPt(GHG). The EPt(GHG) distinction is available to emerging professionals who have satisfied EP(GHG) post-secondary education requirements but have not yet completed the extensive work experience and/or GHG training necessary to achieve the EP(GHG) certification. Both the EP(GHG) and EPt(GHG) titles are available worldwide.

Further work is underway to develop a “GHG Manager” designation with a stronger focus on mitigation and implementation issues.


The EP(GHG) designation is accredited by the Canadian national standards council to ISO 17024 – the standard for personnel certification bodies. Basing the accreditation for the global EP(GHG) program in Canada is the logical choice because Canada serves as the secretariat for all ISO 14000 standards.

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EP(GHG) Certification