GHGMI Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report
2009 GHGMI Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report
Green Jobs Workforce Surveys
2010 Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change Workforce Needs Assessment Survey
2009 Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change Workforce Needs Assessment Survey
Peer-Reviewed Journal
Greenhouse Gas Management and Measurement Journal – An international peer-reviewed journal on measurement and accounting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals, the Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management journal is published by Earthscan, in partnership with the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute.
Offset Quality Initiative Reports
Offset Quality Initiative Reports available here.
Institute Reports and Discussion Papers
What Is Additionality? Part 1: A long standing problem, Discussion Paper No. 001, (Jan 2012).
What Is Additionality? Part 2: A framework for a more precise definitions and standardized approaches, Discussion Paper No. 002, (Jan 2012).
What Is Additionality? Part 3: Implications for stacking and unbundling, Discussion Paper No. 003, (Jan 2012).
2009 Biennial Report – A report to our members and stakeholders on the progress we have made during the Institute’s first two years.
Issue Briefs
Response to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s Consultation on Draft Scope 2 Guidance (January 2015)
Taking Quality Assurance Seriously in Carbon Markets (July 2010)
Green Jobs Training: Promoting Accountability in Carbon Markets (July 2010)
Professional and Member Documents
GHGMI’s Code of Conduct
Staff Publications
The Clean Development Mechanism: A Review of the First International Offset Program – This report, authored by Michael Gillenwater and Stephen Seres, was prepared for the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. It outlines a set of principles for ensuring high-quality offsets, examines the CDM against these criteria, and reviews lessons learned, institutional changes that have been made, and the ongoing challenges.
GHG schemes addressing climate change: How ISO standards help – This publication, co-authored by Tom Baumann, provides information to potential users of GHG standards and programs, as well as a proposed roadmap for GHG standardization.