Why donate to the GHG Management Institute?

  • You will help create the global professional community essential to addressing the problem of global climate change by establishing professional ethical norms, increasing the availability of high quality training, and developing credible personnel certification schemes.
  • You will enable governments around the world to take meaningful action to address greenhouse gas emissions by providing the human resource and other infrastructure essential policies.
  • You will create a grassroots constituency of competent professionals that will be able to rally their broader community and country to support climate change by giving stakeholders confidence in the measures of performance that policies reply upon.

How will your donation be invested in people and their efforts to build this professional community?

When more governments, businesses, universities, and other organizations start measuring their emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause global climate change, the more people around the world can think of better ways to mitigate climate change, and the better we will be at managing our common future.

There are many individuals, organizations, and even countries that would benefit substantially from the opportunity to enroll in our courses and programs.

Since our mission is to empower people and to build the capacity needed to combat climate change through professionalization, we ask those who can afford it to sponsor those who cannot.

Your gift would not only be a generous gesture, but one of substance. The knowledge and skills learned from our classes give learners the tools necessary to take on the work of understanding and managing emissions.

Sponsorships can be directed to a tailored scholarship fund, managed by the Institute.

We sincerely thank you for your consideration.

You can make a donation now or contact us at sponsor@ghginstitute.org to discuss our programs and how you can help.

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