New initiative launched to meet growing demand from expansion of Chinese carbon market

November 21, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

16 November 2011 Beijing and Washington, DC – The Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (iCET), a leading think tank on climate change and sustainable development in China, and the …

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A plain English look at the post-Kyoto carbon market

October 31, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

“Will failure to strike a post-Kyoto deal in Durban kill the carbon market?” With the latest big annual United Nations climate conference just a month away in Durban, South Africa, …

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GHGMI and SEI re-launch Carbon Offset Research & Education (CORE) web resource

August 25, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

There is no shortage of opinion on the concept and application of carbon offsets. The fervent debate these wonky mitigation instruments whip up runs an impressive multidisciplinary gamut from questions …

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Ending the “Carbon Cowboy” Era: Globally certifying GHG management professionals

June 7, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute is elated to today announce that it has partnered with the Environmental Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada) to launch a groundbreaking new professional certification …

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New Course: GHG Accounting for Forest and Other Land Use Projects

April 27, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

The Institute is excited to announce the launch of a new sectoral course: GHG Accounting for Forest and Other Land Use Projects. The new course, the latest addition to the …

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Defining Additionality

March 24, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

The professional lexicon of climate policy has an air of maturity. Melding climate science terminology, esoteric domain concepts, and countless three letter acronyms (TLAs), carbon wonks are known to dialogue …

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SEC Climate Risk Disclosure One Year On

March 10, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

For the climate policy news junkies and carbon geeks that follow greenhouse gas reporting for work or (sadistic?) pleasure, the last few weeks have seen a particularly high churn of …

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GHGMI’s new Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management journal mentioned on BBC4’s Home Planet

February 4, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management, GHGMI’s new peer-reviewed journal was mentioned in a discussion of greenhouse gas measurement on the Feb. 1 edition of BBC4’s Home Planet. A recording of …

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GHG & Climate Change Workforce Needs Assessment Report now available!

December 14, 2010, by Tim Stumhofer

Earlier this month, against the backdrop of a busy first week of international climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, GHGMI – in collaboration with Sequence Staffing – released a report detailing …

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GHGMI and Sequence Staffing release 2010 GHG and Climate Change Workforce Needs Assessment Survey Report

December 1, 2010, by Tim Stumhofer

Full survey report available for download by clicking here.

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