Charlee Boger


Charlee Boger co-developed our course on “GHG Accounting for Coal Mine Methane Projects.” Charlee is an environmental scientist at Raven Ridge Resources with over 8 years experience in environmental projects, and 6 six years working on coal mine methane project development and international capacity building. She works on various aspects of coal mine methane recovery and greenhouse gas emission reductions such as identifying and assessing project opportunities, evaluating feasibility of and barriers to coal mine methane project development, and compilation and calculation of emissions estimates and reductions.

She has co-authored a number of reports prepared under Raven Ridge’s contract with U.S. EPA’s Coalbed Methane Outreach Program, including multiple chapters of the Global Methane Initiative’s Coal Mine Methane Country Profiles, several CMOP Technical Options Series, annual CMM inventory documentation, and an assessment of abandoned mine methane and surface mine methane project opportunities. Recently, Charlee worked on a team to revise the CDM methodology ACM0008: Consolidated methodology for coal bed methane, coal mine methane and ventilation air methane capture and use for power (electrical or motive) and heat and/or destruction through flaring or flameless oxidation to include emission reductions from surface mines. Charlee has a B.Sc. in environmental science from Colorado Mesa University.

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