Penny Baalman


Penny is a leading expert in the use of forest projects within carbon trading schemes, she has worked in the area since 1999 during which time she has been significantly involved in the development of standards for accounting and other policy and scheme instruments to allow for the credible creation of carbon certificates from forest projects.

She was responsible for the creation of the first scheme-approved carbon certificates from forests. This was within the NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme (NSW GGAS); she was also significantly involved in the development of rules for the NSW GGAS, the first scheme in the world to allow for the creation of greenhouse certificates from forest projects.

She has been extensively involved in the standardization of forest greenhouse gas accounting. She was the main author of Standards Australia’s Interim Standard AS 4978.1(Int)-2002 Carbon Accounting for Greenhouse Sinks Part 1: Afforestation and Reforestation, this was the first voluntary consensus national standard in the area of greenhouse gas accounting in the world. She was the key ‘removals’ advisor to all three parts of ISO 14064 and one of the lead authors to Part 2 ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases – Part 2: Specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions and removal enhancements. She further participated as a road tester and reviewer forWRI/WBCSD’s GHG Protocol for Project Accounting and as one of the core drafters for theirLULUCF Guidance for GHG Project Accounting.

As Det Norske Veritas’ (the main auditor within Kyoto Protocol) Global Forestry Manager – Climate Change Services, Penny also updated the CDM/JI Validation and Verification Manual (VVM) to include reporting templates for afforestation and reforestation CDM projects and was among the first group of approved auditors for the CCAR.

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