Raymond C. Pilcher


Raymond C. Pilcher has devoted most of his 33-year career to energy project development and management in the fields of coalbed and coal mine methane, underground coal gasification, and other energy and mineral resources. He is an internationally recognized expert in coalbed/coal mine methane resource assessment, development and utilization and an expert on coal mine methane capture and use practices in China. Mr. Pilcher is the author and co-author of numerous published reports and papers concerning coalbed methane and coal mine methane resource evaluation, economics and marketing.

As president of Raven Ridge Resources, Incorporated, his experience and responsibility comprises corporate and strategic planning, as well development of new business and project opportunities worldwide. Raven Ridge Resources, Incorporated, is a geological and engineering consulting firm that has provided expertise to private and public sectors for 20 years. Mr. Pilcher provides leadership in projects conducted for government and private sector clients looking to explore for and develop coalbed methane and other energy resources. He has worked on coal mine methane-related projects in support of U.S. EPA’s Climate Protection Program since 1990 and is currently the Program Manager for RRR’s contract with U.S. EPA to provide Technical Support for Reduction of Methane Emissions from Coal Mining. Mr. Pilcher was instrumental in developing coal mine methane projects in China and India funded by the Global Environmental Facility.

Raven Ridge has supported the development of several CDM projects in China. Mr. Pilcher lead the RRR team that developed two of the first coal mine methane project design documents submitted. These were two of the first registered with UNFCCC. He also contributed to developing a methodology that was incorporated in the UNFCCC consolidated methodology for coalmine methane capture and use. In 2007, Mr. Pilcher took the lead in authoring the methodology entitled “Methodology for Coal Mine Methane and Abandoned Mine Methane Capture and Destruction Projects”, which underpins Greenhouse Gas Services? voluntary carbon emissions reduction business in the coal mining sector. He is a member of the bureau for the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane and is the Chairman of its Task Force on Improving Mine Safety through the Extraction & Use of Coal Mine Methane.

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