Rob Fowler


Rob Fowler is the lead advisor at Essential Change Advisory Services. He is recognised globally as an expert in climate policy, carbon markets, and their impact on business.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Rob has provided advice to a wide range of organisations, including the UNFCCC, Australian and other governments, major corporations, international banks, service providers, industry associations and non-profit organisations. He is active in the design and implementation of carbon credit and trading schemes, development of market infrastructure, and the operation of existing carbon markets.

Rob has a unique perspective in this sphere, spanning the policy, regulation, commercial and technical aspects of carbon & climate change. Rob serves on a number of advisory boards, steering committees and decision making bodies in the carbon & climate change space and he is a sought after speaker for domestic and international conferences and workshops.

Rob has been an active member of the UNFCCC’s expert register and has provided advice to the CDM Executive Board and other carbon market administrators on new methodologies, registration of projects and accreditation of verifiers. He is chair of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Gold Standard Foundation, and has contributed to the development of standards and protocols including the WBCSD/WRI GHG Project Protocol, the international standard ISO14064, and the Australian Standard for carbon accounting in forests.

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