Stephen Seres


Stephen Seres is an economist working exclusively on climate change policy issues for the past eight years. As an independent consultant, Stephen worked with the public and private sectors on files mainly revolving around the Kyoto mechanisms, and the monitoring and verification of greenhouse gas emissions.

As a full time consultant to Canada’s Clean Development Mechanism and Joint implementation Office (CDM&JI Office), Stephen participated in the negotiations on the decisions to the Kyoto protocol at the annual Conferences of the Parties. He further provided analytical support to the office and published summary reports of Marrakech Accords.

Stephen remained a consultant to the Canadian government for several years, working with various groups tasked with the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. These groups included Canada’s large final emitter group who was responsible to set up a nationwide greenhouse gas reporting system and set sector reduction targets. It also included Canada’s national inventory group who is responsible in producing annual greenhouse inventories and reporting to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Stephen was also a contributor to the development of the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol for Projects ( as best practice guidance on “how to do” GHG project accounting

Stephen continues to work with the UNFCCC secretariat in Bonn and the World Bank in Washington, providing analysis on CDM projects. He was the lead author in a significant report to the secretariat analysing technology transfer in the CDM (

Stephen has a B.A. in economics and environmental science and completed a graduate studies in environmental and natural resource economics, obtaining a M.Sc. degree from McGill university. Stephen continues to contribute academically by publishing papers in peer reviewed journals.

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