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Ralph Strebel


GreenLaw International LLC
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Kai Uwe Barani Schmidt


Formerly at World Bank and UNFCCC secretariat

Kai-Uwe Barani Schmidt builds on more than 25 years of international and senior level working experience including at the executive office of the secretary-general of the United Nations, at the …

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Kathryn Bickel Goldman


Policy Advisor & GHG Accounting Expert; Senior Fellow
Independent consultant; GHGMI (part-time)

Kathryn has been a climate change professional for over 20 years working in non-profit leadership, federal and local government, and as an independent consultant. Her expertise includes climate mitigation planning, …

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Alexa Kleysteuber

Board Member/Advisor

Advisor COP25 Presidency Team
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Caitlin Sparks

Board Member/Advisor

Gigaton Capital
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Craig Ebert

Board Member/Advisor

Climate Action Reserve
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Darius Nassiry

Board Member/Advisor

Vice President and Director
Climate Finance Advisors, a member of WSP

Darius Nassiry currently serves as a Vice President and Director with Climate Finance Advisors, a member of WSP. He has previously worked with the Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects …

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Mike Bess

Board Member/Advisor/Fellow

Senior Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Advisor
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Rueanna Haynes

Board Member/Advisor

International Climate Law and Governance Specialist

Rueanna is an international climate law and governance specialist, and TEDx 2020 speaker, with over a decade of experience in the UN Climate process. A former Trinidad and Tobago diplomat, …

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