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Ralph Strebel


GreenLaw International LLC
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Kai Uwe Barani Schmidt


Formerly at World Bank and UNFCCC secretariat

Kai-Uwe Barani Schmidt builds on more than 25 years of international and senior level working experience including at the executive office of the secretary-general of the United Nations, at the …

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Kathryn Bickel Goldman


Policy Advisor & GHG Accounting Expert; Senior Fellow
Independent consultant; GHGMI (part-time)

Kathryn has been a climate change professional for over 20 years working in non-profit leadership, federal and local government, and as an independent consultant. Her expertise includes climate mitigation planning, …

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Alexa Kleysteuber

Board Member/Advisor

Advisor COP25 Presidency Team

Alexa Kleysteuber has over 15 years of experience in climate change policy, diplomacy, and carbon markets, with most of that time spent in the public sector at the international, national, …

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Caitlin Sparks

Board Member/Advisor

Gigaton Capital
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Craig Ebert

Board Member/Advisor

Climate Action Reserve
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Darius Nassiry

Board Member/Advisor

Vice President and Director
Climate Finance Advisors, a member of WSP

Darius Nassiry currently serves as a Vice President and Director with Climate Finance Advisors, a member of WSP. He has previously worked with the Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects …

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Mike Bess

Board Member/Advisor/Fellow

Senior Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Advisor

Mike has over forty-five years of experience working in the field of sustainable development. Over the course of his long and distinguished career, he has focused on key areas including …

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Rueanna Haynes

Board Member/Advisor

International Climate Law and Governance Specialist

Rueanna is an international climate law and governance specialist, and TEDx 2020 speaker, with over a decade of experience in the UN Climate process. A former Trinidad and Tobago diplomat, …

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