The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute’s Research Program conducts forward-looking independent research. Pairing the unique expert experience of its staff and faculty with the dynamism of its extensive practitioner network, the Institute’s Research Program provides insight on foundational areas of climate policy and the practice of environmental management.

This program provides policy makers, industry leaders, and academics with forward-looking inquiry and analysis of GHG MRV and management challenges and solutions.

The Institute is unique in the field of GHG measurement and management, arguably ahead of its time in terms of the problems it is addressing. However, it was founded to address this paucity of thought leadership and our Research Program is characterized by the commitment to investigating, confronting, and pushing these issues from the dark corners of academia and technocracy to the mainstream.

Select projects and publications include:

Peer-Reviewed Journal

Peer-Reviewed Staff Publications

Institute Reports and Discussion Papers

Professional Initiatives

GHGMI Surveys, Reports and UNFCCC Submissions

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