Software Evaluation

GHG software applications are increasingly emerging to be an important tool for professionals working in the field of GHG emissions management. These tools can help streamline the process of data collection, calculation, and reporting, making them a key part of year-to-year GHG accounting. GHGMI’s software evaluation program plays a vital role in improving the software marketplace by ensuring the quality and functionality of software offerings. We do this by providing independent expert feedback and a comprehensive assessment of software functionalities in accordance with GHG accounting methods and standards.

The Evaluation Process

GHGMI’s evaluation protocol is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the GHG software application being evaluated. Our expert evaluators simulate the role of a typical software customer implementing the application using a test case dataset. This lets our expert evaluators assess how the software performs under practical conditions, allowing them to fully evaluate the application’s user interface, ease of use, underlying assumptions and calculations, and methodological choices. Our evaluation approach reflects GHGMI’s commitment to providing valuable insights that lead to improved GHG accounting. The insights generated through the evaluation process are intended to guide the customer in improving the functionality and delivery of their software to GHG accounting professionals.

The evaluation process entails the following steps:

1. A fictitious dataset is created for an entity’s emission sources over a time series.

2. Evaluators gain access to the software and set up the test case dataset.

3. Software functionalities are evaluated including calculations and usability. See our 15-criteria protocol.

4. Evaluators produce a comprehensive technical report and a summary report.


Software evaluation outputs include: 

Additional Services

Continued Engagement

GHG software applications undergo continuous refinement, including the enhancement of existing functionalities, introduction of new features and capabilities to meet customer needs, and alignment with evolving GHG accounting, reporting, and management practices. GHGMI’s software program offers software vendors both annual and periodic evaluation opportunities. Our annual evaluation process builds on the steps and checklist used in the initial software review, enabling us to identify and analyze changes resulting from software application updates, such as the adoption of new methodologies and adjustments related to national or subnational mandatory reporting requirements. This process ensures that the software remains up-to-date and in compliance with the latest standards and practices.

Ad-hoc Evaluation

GHGMI’s software program offers an independent expert evaluation of software functionality to GHG software vendors preparing and executing their product roadmaps. This program includes the flexibility to undertake ad-hoc evaluations, allowing for tailored and targeted testing, which may involve reviewing software prototypes or specific features. This customized approach ensures that software vendors receive valuable insights and assessments to improve their products in alignment with their development plans.

Our Expert Evaluators

Our team of experts has extensive experience evaluating GHG software products for both corporate and national inventories. Additionally, our evaluators have deep knowledge and understanding of sector-specific emissions measurement and mitigation assessment. To learn more about their distinctive expertise and the specialized qualifications they bring to the software evaluation program, click below.

Alissa Benchimol  Olia Glade Matej Gasperic

Interested in having your software reviewed by GHGMI? For additional information about the program and to discuss software review, please contact Alissa Benchimol (alissa.benchimol (at) or schedule an introductory call.

Looking for tailored capacity building for your software team? Our software evaluator team can deliver targeted technical training on GHG accounting methodologies and software design for inventory management tools. Visit our Workshop page for more information.

Select Evaluations

Industrial Prosperity

Real-Time Environmental Solutions for Flare & Emission Monitoring & Control

Industrial Prosperity(IP) is a technology company engaged in the innovation and the development of technologies to monitor the factors influencing environment  and in reducing greenhouse gases. Industrial Prosperity has industry proven solutions in Real Time Emission monitoring systems to assist governments and industry and these solutions can be customized to specific requirements of any industry or a facility.

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Envizi is a global, cloud based software platform that distills complex sustainability and energy data into powerful insights.

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CloudApps enables organizations to constantly improve and optimize the performance of people, through the application of intuitive, social and mobile applications. CloudApps’ secure, trusted cloud platform employs game mechanics and expert content to motivate and measure the impact of behavioral change.

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In addition to providing the market with the very best sustainability management software in Our Impacts and Our Ecosystem, Ecometrica can also help you to plan, understand, extend and improve your overall environmental accounting practices through a wide range of sustainability management services.

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