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The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute’s (GHGMI) membership program connects the largest global community of greenhouse gas and climate change experts in the world.

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Members receive industry-leading benefits to help them succeed in the fields of GHG management, accounting, auditing, and measurement.

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Experts Forum

Networking and discussing with peers are key elements to your success as a GHG professional and GHGMI is here to help you. Right now, GHG practitioners from all around the world are discussing topics related to GHG measurement and management (e.g., GHG inventories, monitoring, baselines, verification, offset projects, etc.).

The Experts Forum is built on a discussion forum within GHGMI’s learning management system, which delivers postings right to your inbox. To join, just become a member. Remember you have complete control and can adjust the frequency of email delivery to suit your preferences. You can also select not to participate in the forum (effectively unsubscribing).

You must be a member of GHGMI to participate in the Experts Forum. By joining our membership program, you gain access to our Experts Forum and archives. After joining log in to our membership portal.  You can find Experts Forum posting instructions and rules here.