The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute is USA-based a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, also with a registered non-profit organization based in Italy.

Our Mission

“To enable meaningful climate action by governments, corporations, and organizations by growing and supporting a global community of experts and institutions with the highest standards of professional practice in measuring, reporting, verifying, accounting for, and managing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Our work involves educating on the basics of GHG accounting, auditing and management, training professionals to meet the highest standards of expertise and ethical conduct, and conducting forward-looking research into critical GHG measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) issues.

Addressing climate change will require fundamental societal, organizational and behavioral changes on a global scale. The GHG Management Institute’s contribution to this effort is through the construction of the long-term social infrastructure needed to support the implementation of climate change policies, including professionalization of the field of GHG management and accounting. Professionalization occurs when an entire class of people make GHG management and accounting part of their professional identify. We believe this professionalization will be a powerful force to help us combat climate change.

We also believe that it is vital that the population of professionals with the expertise to address GHG emissions is globally widespread. Climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution. We offer financial assistance to other non-profits world-wide, to public agencies, and to small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. We welcome grants and contributions to further this mission and to sponsor scholarships. We are also collaborating with other organizations in various regions of the world to provide training in other languages and in ways that address local conditions.

The Institute offers online courses, which can be combined with face-to-face workshops for larger groups with specific needs. E-Learning allows learners a higher quality training experience, access to the world’s top experts as instructors, and the flexibility to undergo training on your own time, without the cost, trouble, and GHG emissions associated with traveling to workshops.

Our DEI, Justice, Anti-Racism Commitment

Our Impact

Our Vision

“An ever-improving professional community composed of globally recognized, highly competent, and ethical professionals that is committed to providing the foundation and leadership for climate change management.”

If you currently practice as or are an aspiring greenhouse gas management professional, you have found your home. We look forward to you joining the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute:  The society of greenhouse gas professionals.

Our Values

We value technical excellence, professional integrity, and transparency to ensure our work meets the highest standards.

We strive to address climate change with a just, culturally informed, and human-oriented approach.

We support the realization of global human rights, dismantling systemic inequality, and combating discrimination.

We value continuous learning, collaboration, accessibility, and inclusion to facilitate climate action and foster individual potential and leadership.

Our History

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute was founded by Michael Gillenwater, Gao Pronove, and Tom Baumann in 2007 with the support of ClimateCHECK, Greenhouse Gas Experts Network, Earth Council Geneva, and GoVida e-Learning. This table presents a chronology of the events leading up to and following the founding of the Institute.

Our Inventory

Interested in learning about our emissions impact? Click here to download and read GHGMI’s 2019 Organizational GHG Emissions Inventory Report.