Diploma Programs

Comprehensive instruction tailored to your focus

Diploma programs represent the differentiating roles in which GHG professionals operate. Our diplomas are creating a global training benchmark that will foster confidence and create a clear pathway for career development. The diploma program and student profile of each are listed below.

Diploma in GHG Accounting

For those focused on developing GHG inventory and carbon footprinting skills and expertise across a range of accounting frameworks.

Diploma in Carbon Management

For those wishing to focus on fewer GHG accounting frameworks and go further into the technical analysis of emission mitigation to support companies and countries in reducing their GHG emissions and increasing removals.

Diploma in GHG Measurement, Reporting & Verification

For those wanting a broader skill set including both GHG accounting and formal GHG auditing, validation, and verification in keeping with international standards and programs.

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Our Educational Experience

These are not webinars. It typically takes a learner 16-20 hours of interaction and study to complete a course. This is equivalent to a 3 to 4 day intensive workshop. All courses are offered on demand at whatever times and places are convenient for you. Internet connection is required.