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Diploma in Carbon Management


For those wishing to focus on fewer GHG accounting frameworks and go further into the technical analysis of emission mitigation to support companies and countries in reducing their GHG emissions and increasing removals.

This certificate is for those interested in a rigorous and professional background that leads to a skill set in GHG accounting, assessing impacts of projects (e.g., additionality and baselines), and conducting systematic mitigation analysis for reducing GHG emissions.

Each course is available online and can be taken at your convenience. Be aware that the entire diploma program is equivalent in study time to approximately 20 full days of intensive training and demands dedication and study to successfully complete.

No special technical skills are necessary, although some prior understanding of climate change is beneficial. Upon completion, you will be prepared to actively engage in greenhouse gas management and markets.

The tuition for the Diploma in Carbon Management is US$2,750. This includes access to the Course Library and 7 proficiency exams. The program represents a savings of 20% if the courses were enrolled in separately.