A critical element of the GHG Management Institute’s mission is to help train and develop the pool of GHG experts who will be needed to implement climate change strategies in governments, corporations, universities, and other organizations around the world. It is essential that this capacity is developed globally and is representative of the world’s population to respond to the global challenge of climate change.

Financial Assistance Policies

In this spirit, the GHG Management Institute offers financial assistance to individuals working for non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), those working in governments and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries, as well as students of academic institutions. The GHG Management Institute also makes aid available to Black, indigenous, and other underrepresented groups in or entering environmental professions on the basis of identified need.[1]

We have provided financial assistance to hundreds of learners from around the world. While the Institute strives to accommodate all applications, it reserves the right to grant them as funding allows.

Sponsors for this vital kind of assistance are most welcome, and are acknowledged on our website, presentations, and publications. Being a non-profit, the Institute is committed to reinvesting in the development of new courses and the growth of the financial assistance fund.

Awarded scholarships are valid for one year. Current scholarship holders must re-apply the following year on the same basis as a new applicant. Scholarships are not transferable.

All scholarships only apply to future enrollment in a course or program. An applicant who is already enrolled in a course or program then granted a scholarship will not be awarded a refund equivalent to his/her scholarship.

Financial Assistance Criteria

Our criteria for awarding partial financial assistance or full scholarships to eligible individuals includes the following factors:

  1. Financial need (in order for us to grant all deserving applicants financial assistance, one of the criteria to award scholarship will be based on the applicants’ annual level of income);
  2. Your personal or organization’s demonstrated commitment to working on greenhouse gas management issues; and
  3. Your commitment to a future career in greenhouse gas management.

The Institute strives to provide financial aid based on need.

Applicants are asked to suggest the level of aid they need in the financial assistance request form. The form is available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese below. In the past, the Institute has been able to provide most of the assistance requested. However, the Institute reserves the right to grant any and all scholarships, and to be the final arbiter of such matters. At this time, the Institute has limited financial resources for full scholarships. Thank you for your understanding.

Click one of the buttons below to download a financial assistance form:

Financial assistance form (English)

Financial assistance form (Spanish)

Financial assistance form (French)

Financial assistance form (Portuguese)


Financial Assistance Guidelines and Requirements

All applicants must use the designated form based on their needs. Only one applicant per application form. For those applying as an organization, please include personal information for all applicants.

The following information must be included in the application:

  1. Personal Information which includes:
    • Complete name
    • Country of residence
    • Home address
    • School name and address (if applying for a student discount)
    • Organization, organization’s location, mission and source of funding (if applicable)
    • Identity (gender and racial/ethnic)
  2. Financial information:
    • Annual income
  3. Professional and educational background:
    • Educational background
    • Summary of work experience
  4. Course and/or programs you wish to be enrolled in
  5. Essay on how you will use the training received from the GHG Management Institute (1000 words or less)

Please complete the application form and email it to We review financial aid requests monthly, you will receive a response within 5 weeks after submitting your application. Please note that proficiency exams are not subject to discounts except in cases where a full scholarship is granted.


[1] Recognizing that decisions made by diverse groups have been proven to be more effective, less time-consuming, and produce better outcomes than decisions made by homogenous groups. We seek to build diverse global capacity through our education program to address climate change effectively and in the least time possible. The GHG Management Institute analyzes industry wide assessments of diversity in maintaining and altering this financial aid consideration and is guided by scientific research on the benefits of diversity.