Alissa Benchimol

Project Manager

Alissa is a Project Manager at the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. Her expertise is in GHG accounting, MRV capacity building, data management systems, and program development. At GHGMI, Alissa leads the Software Evaluation program, develops capacity-building training materials, drafts technical reports, and provides project management and technical support to multiple MRV systems projects.

Alissa’s professional experience has been focused on the water-energy-GHG nexus. Prior to working at GHGMI, Alissa worked as a Sustainability Specialist at The Climate Registry, leading the implementation of the Water-Energy Nexus Registry for California, developing and delivering GHG training, and developing verification guidance for water-related data and performance metrics.

Alissa is Brazilian and moved to the United States to further her education. She received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Lindenwood University, and an M.S. in Sustainability from Saint Louis University, where her research focused on social-technical approaches to maximize formal access to electricity in low-income settlements through human rights lenses. In Brazil, she also received a technical degree in meteorology and climatology. She is fluent in English and Portuguese. In her free time, she also enjoys completing Python programming courses when not exploring outdoors.

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