What is GHG Accounting? Market-based mistake

January 31, 2024, by Michael Gillenwater

Installment N.4 Preface This installment extends the discussion from installment N.3 on emissions allocation in GHG inventories. Unfortunately, you will need to read the prior installments in this “What is …

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The distortionary effects of unconstrained for-profit CO2 removal and the need for early governance intervention

January 29, 2024, by Carbon Management Journal

“Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) is an emerging activity with extremely limited deployment to date, but which is mathematically required to achieve net (rather than true) zero or negative anthropogenic contribution …

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E-liabilities: a fresh or fantasy proposal?

January 31, 2024, by Michael Gillenwater

What do you get by mashing together ideas from corporate cost accounting with dreams of a universal carbon pricing mechanism and try to apply it through sustainability disclosures of corporate …

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Methods that equate temporary carbon storage with permanent CO2 emission reductions lead to false claims

December 19, 2023, by Carbon Management Journal

“There has been renewed interest in equating temporary carbon storage with permanent CO2 emission reductions, both within corporate GHG inventories and for carbon offset accounting. Proposed methods discount future emissions, such …

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Celebrating our Alumni

December 19, 2023, by Maria Juan-Blasco

Nothing connects us more with the GHGMI mission than hearing directly from our alumni and the ways in which, what they have learned, is being applied to real-life scenarios through …

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What is Greenhouse Gas Accounting? Turning Away from LCA

December 19, 2023, by Michael Gillenwater

Installment N. -1   Preface This installment can be considered equivalent to a movie prequel that provides the “backstory” for the other installments in the “What is GHG Accounting?” series. …

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What is GHG Accounting? Further Thoughts on Responsibility & Causation

November 20, 2023, by Michael Gillenwater

Installment N.3 bis Preface This installment supplements the previous installment on emissions allocation. Here I address two conceptual hurdles that you may be struggling to jump over—responsibility and causation. Understanding …

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November 13, 2023, by Events

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI) faculty and staff will participate in the following events at the UNFCCC COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The events listed below will be …

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Policy challenges to enhance soil carbon sinks: U.S. contributions to the Paris agreement

October 26, 2023, by Carbon Management Journal

“The U.S. government is planning significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as part of their nationally determined contribution to the Paris Agreement. The plan includes a variety of activities, one …

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Corporate Power Purchase Agreements and Renewable Energy Growth

October 26, 2023, by Michael Gillenwater

Do corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) influence renewable energy investment (and therefore green power generation)? Most people would state (blindly) that they do. But, there has never been an empirical …

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