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Corporate Power Purchase Agreements: A Policy Perspective

April 2, 2024, by Michael Gillenwater

“The market for power purchase agreements (PPAs) has exploded in the last decade due, in part, to non-utility entities (e.g., corporations) attempting to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets. …

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National GHG inventory capacity in developing countries – a global assessment of progress

April 2, 2024, by Molly White

“Although developing countries have compiled greenhouse gas inventories (GHGI) for over 20 years, improving national GHGI capacity remains a priority under the Paris Agreement. However, a global assessment of GHGI …

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CCQI scores for IFM project methodologies point to substantial integrity risks

March 27, 2024, by Tani Colbert-Sangree & Olga Lyandres

This blog was initially published in english on on March 20, 2024 and reposted with formatting changes. By Lambert Schneider (Oeko-Institut), Felix Fallasch (Oeko-Institut), Isabel Haase (Oeko-Institut), Hannes Böttcher (Oeko-Institut), …

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St. Kitts and Nevis Strengthens Climate Action Transparency Efforts in Energy Sector

March 27, 2024, by Olga Lyandres

Article published on and reposted with no changes. By the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) January 26th, 2024 Cover image: Holger Woizick via Unsplash An inception workshop was organized in …

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Celebrating our Alumni

December 19, 2023, by Maria Juan-Blasco

Nothing connects us more with the GHGMI mission than hearing directly from our alumni and the ways in which, what they have learned, is being applied to real-life scenarios through …

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Corporate Power Purchase Agreements and Renewable Energy Growth

October 26, 2023, by Michael Gillenwater

Do corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) influence renewable energy investment (and therefore green power generation)? Most people would state (blindly) that they do. But, there has never been an empirical …

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2022 Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award

August 7, 2023, by Maria Juan-Blasco

GHGMI is committed to instructional excellence. At the end of every year, we pause to ask our learners about their experience in our online and in-person training programs. We also …

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2022 Distinguished Alumni Award

August 4, 2023, by Maria Juan-Blasco

Please join us in celebrating the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute’s (GHGMI) annual 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award presented to Bernish Ardèche Samba. The effort and commitment of professionals that take part …

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Measuring Capacity Progress in Climate Transparency, A Framework to Inform Future Work

June 9, 2023, by Molly White

The Global Stocktake (GST), occurring for the first time this year, will assess the global response to climate change. It will be a chance to evaluate the current level of …

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ICAT’s transparency hub in Central Asia builds capacity on greenhouse gas inventories

May 3, 2023, by Olga Lyandres

Article published on and reposted with formatting changes. “A workshop on greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories was held from 27 February to 3 March 2023, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and brought …

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