2023 Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award

June 10, 2024, by Maria Juan-Blasco
Faculty Achievement Award 2023

The faculty at GHGMI play a crucial role in the success of our GHG accounting and management programs. The technical expertise, instructional skill, and demonstrated respect for all learners contribute significantly to this success. We look forward to the annual alumni survey when learners have the chance to nominate a faculty member for the Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award. This year we’re honored to award the 2023 Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award to Erika Barnett.

Erika’s efforts to comprehensively teach organizational GHG accounting in 2023 were superb. Erika is a GHGMI Project Manager and the instructor of more than 4,000 learners in our online courses, including 201 Basics of GHG Organizational Accounting, 204 Basics of Subnational GHG Accounting, and 211 GHG Information Management Systems. The rich discussions she fosters within the course forums reflect her integrity and dedication to teaching. In addition, she leads the GHGMI Workshop Program, where she manages workshop delivery and designs curriculum for varying levels of experience across a multitude of industries.

Erika Barnett in front of an orange wall

“It is an immense joy to receive the 2023 Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award. To know that our courses and my role at GHGMI have had such a positive impact on our learners is truly touching. Engaging with the world’s future climate professionals is a privilege I don’t take for granted.

GHG accounting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and over the last year, we saw more learners than ever join our course 201 Basics of Organizational GHG Accounting. I always appreciate the questions that are asked in our courses — no question is too small, too simple, or too vague; every question demonstrates a commitment to understanding how to meaningfully account and manage GHG emissions, and that’s exactly our goal. I’ve become a better carbon professional and a better instructor because of our learners and participants, and I could not be more grateful. I extend a heartfelt thank you to our learners and those who nominated me for this award.”

Congratulations, Erika! It’s a great pleasure to honor you with this award, and we couldn’t agree more with our alumni!

Please join us in honoring Erika with this award using the comments section below, sharing your own experience training with Erika.

Are you interested in providing feedback about your experience with GHGMI faculty members? Nominations for the 2024 Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award will be open during our next annual alumni survey period, March – April 2025.

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