Welcome to Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management

February 23, 2011, by Michael Gillenwater

I am thrilled to announce the release of the first issue of Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management (available for free download here) on behalf of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, …

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How do we move beyond just accounting for carbon?

February 9, 2011, by Michael Gillenwater

At the Institute, we are constructing the intellectual and other infrastructure needed to grow a global professional community of climate change professionals. Later this month we are proudly introducing the …

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GHGMI’s new Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management journal mentioned on BBC4’s Home Planet

February 4, 2011, by Tim Stumhofer

Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management, GHGMI’s new peer-reviewed journal was mentioned in a discussion of greenhouse gas measurement on the Feb. 1 edition of BBC4’s Home Planet. A recording of …

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