Efficiency targets fall short of achieving a low-carbon future in China

January 31, 2015, by Carbon Management Journal

“Current efficiency targets are based on a production-based logic leading to outsourcing and higher costs. Allocating emissions to the point of consumption may better reflect the ability to pay the …

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Have you fallen for the green power accounting shell game?

January 26, 2015, by Michael Gillenwater

If you are reading this blog, then you probably spend part of your time working on the issue of climate change. Don’t you sometimes just get tired? Tired of the …

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Scope 2 Corporate Accounting, Enron and Arthur Andersen – A Cautionary Tale

January 25, 2015, by Don Bain

Renewable Energy Certificates, RECs, in the voluntary green power market are not additional. They do not result in emissions reductions, as reported in rigorous, peer-reviewed research.1

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