Policy challenges to enhance soil carbon sinks: U.S. contributions to the Paris agreement

October 26, 2023, by Carbon Management Journal

“The U.S. government is planning significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as part of their nationally determined contribution to the Paris Agreement. The plan includes a variety of activities, one …

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Corporate Power Purchase Agreements and Renewable Energy Growth

October 26, 2023, by Michael Gillenwater

Do corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) influence renewable energy investment (and therefore green power generation)? Most people would state (blindly) that they do. But, there has never been an empirical …

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What is Greenhouse Gas Accounting? Allocation rules

October 11, 2023, by Michael Gillenwater

Installment N.3 Preface If you have not yet read the previous installments Number 1 and Number 2 in this series, I encourage you to do so before proceeding. You can …

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