Webinar: Tools and Concepts to Manage Climate Risks in Global Supply Chains

Global shifts like population growth, natural resource constraints and extreme weather are creating new challenges for corporations with global supply chains, causing disruptions, delays and cost increases. Sustainability and risk management professionals will play a crucial role in identifying, quantifying and mitigating risks arising from hazards like coastal storms, droughts, fires and floods.

The webinar provides: 1) A practical framework to understand climate change risk, and 2) Quantitative tools to map and assess climate risk in the supply chain arising from global climate change.

This complimentary webinar was recorded in September 2014 and is a collaborative presentation of Climate Earth, Four Twenty Seven, GHG Management Institute, and ND-Global Adaptation Index.

View the recorded webinar, by clicking on the image below.

Featured speakers:

· Michael Gillenwater, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute

· Emilie Mazzacurati, Four Twenty Seven, Inc.

· Jessica Hellmann, Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index

· Chris Erickson, Climate Earth, Inc.

Key topics:

· Impacts of climate change on business and supply chains

· Corporate climate risk management and adaptation

· Modeling the supply chain

· Country climate risk index

· Commodity exposure to climate change