Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, & Anti-racism Statement

At the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI), we firmly believe in embracing diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), justice, and anti-racism as core values. Our commitment to addressing climate change acknowledges the intrinsic value of the environment and prioritizes an approach that is human oriented, just, and culturally informed.

We recognize that progress in combating climate change requires acknowledging and uplifting the voices and experiences of all individuals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, beliefs, lifestyle, level of ability (or disability), socio-economic status, or country of origin. We understand that marginalized communities around the globe are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change and that they may not have access to political, economic, or social power and forums in which problems are identified, and solutions are brought forth. Thus, we strive to build a community of experts and institutions that is broadly inclusive to support individuals from communities around the world by providing the technical and foundational skills to inform policy, contribute to technical decision-making, and evaluate the effectiveness of climate solutions. Based on a consensus in the research literature, we know that diverse groups make better decisions than homogenous groups. Through our training, we seek to enhance the diversity of climate change decision-makers, to improve decisions, and better serve all members of society.

In line with our commitment to support the realization of global human rights, we strive to dismantle systemic inequality in all its forms. We acknowledge that historical and ongoing injustices have perpetuated disparities in access to resources and opportunities, exacerbating the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities. GHGMI strives to bridge this gap by providing low-cost and accessible training to empower all persons to take part in shaping a sustainable future for all.

Furthermore, we are resolute in our stance against discrimination. Discrimination undermines our shared values of equity and inclusion and hinders the progress of GHGMI’s mission. We are committed to building a global community of climate experts and institutions that foster respect, understanding, and empathy, where all contributions are valued, heard, and respected. We will call out instances of discrimination, push back against unjust practices, and seek to build understanding through these interactions.

Our journey toward a more sustainable and just world is a collective effort that demands collaboration and cooperation. We will continually educate ourselves and others, engage in meaningful dialogue with the communities impacted through and by our work, and actively seek perspectives that diverge from our own to inform how we conduct our work.

At GHGMI, we are committed to being agents of positive change; through our operations, we are actively working to promote inclusivity and foster an environment of understanding and empathy while spreading this culture to our partners, clients, learners, funders, and throughout our professional society. We welcome all who share our values to join us in this journey toward a more inclusive, more just, and sustainable future.