Upon completing a course, when must I take the exam?

May 8, 2015, by Brandy Faulkner

For participants who enrolled in the ‘course and exam’ option, you will be enrolled in the exam at the same time you enrolled in the course. You simply have to click on the corresponding exam in your “My Courses” list to start taking the exam. Be sure you are ready before proceeding to take the exam. The exams are timed and once you start you must complete the exam within the allotted time limit.

If you are enrolled in a diploma program, you will be given access to the exam at at the same time as the course, the difference being you are able to select which courses you want to start, including multiple at the same time, by coordinating with the Registrar. When you enroll in a diploma program, the Registrar will engage you to coordinate your schedule. The Registrar is available by e-mail at registrar@ghginstitute.org

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