Upon completion of a GHGMI course or diploma, would I be able to include a title (such as GHG Certified Accounting Expert) after my signature?

May 8, 2015, by Brandy Faulkner

You would certainly be able to say that you’d received a Certificate of Proficiency or a Diploma from the Institute; however, certification is another matter entirely.

Professional certification is a means by which individuals formally demonstrate competency in a practice area. Professional certification programs consider a basket of measures (e.g., training, experience, witnessing, etc.) to assess professional competency. Professional certification programs typically accept our Certificates of Proficiency and Diplomas as demonstration of training.

Currently, there is no credible personnel certification program out there. Right now, the key is to show that you have deep expertise. The carbon markets are not mature enough yet to really operate under a common professional practice standard.

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