What are the technical requirements for accessing the course material?

January 22, 2015, by Brandy Faulkner


Computers purchased within five years will generally have the processor speed and memory capacity to effectively access course materials on this website.

Learners will also need the following:

Operating Systems

Most major single-user and multiple-user operating systems are supported – Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. The main requirement is to have working web browser.

Browsers and Settings

For Windows-based users, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is recommended; Macintosh users are encouraged to use Google Chrome or Firefox, though Safari should work as well. Regardless of your choice in browsers, make sure your settings match those listed below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

Mozilla Firefox

Applications and Plug-ins

The following applications and plug-ins are required: Adobe Flash Player (7 or later) and Adobe Reader (7 or later).

Account with Username and Password

Users must have a GHGMI account to access online courses.

Pop-up Window Blockers

Pop-up window blockers should be disabled (or at least allow pop-ups for site – http://member.ghginstitute.org).

Firewall Settings

Firewall settings must allow streaming media from this website through Port 80.

Internet Connection Speeds and Data Transfer Rates

For users with dial-up modems (56k or faster), Internet connection speeds are affected by the quality of telephone lines and the variable connection speeds of modems.
If a broadband connection is used, there shouldn’t be any issues accessing course materials. There are no requirements for a high-speed connection, but a minimum of 768.0 Kbps download speed is recommended.

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