Kayla Asemanfar

Operations & Finance Manager

As the Operations & Finance Manager, Kayla Asemanfar manages GHGMI’s financial and operational systems, processes, administration, and internal controls. Amongst her responsibilities are grant compliance and tracking, contract management, budgeting, accounting, and development and optimization of systems and processes that increase project productivity

Prior to working at GHGMI, Kayla worked as a project coordinator at The Climate Registry, where she supported project management and implementation and facilitated outreach and recruitment efforts, as well as conducted reviews of greenhouse gas inventory verifications. Kayla also managed various aspects of the Climate Leadership Awards, a national awards program recognizing corporate, organizational, and individual leadership in response to climate change. She conducted the evaluation process for submissions to the emissions reduction Goal Achievement and Goal Setting categories, and led the analyses of carbon emissions reduction goals and greenhouse gas inventory verifications across the awards categories.

Kayla has a multitude of interests and experiences in various areas of climate action. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a minor in Environmental Engineering. After graduating, Kayla conducted GIS analyses to support the development of the Climate Adaptation Plan for the Southbay Cities Council of Government. In 2017, she cultivated her passion for climate justice while serving as the project manager for a community health study. The study, located in Los Angeles, investigated household health disparities correlated to air pollution, noise pollution, and access to healthy food between two Los Angeles neighborhoods that have contrasting socioeconomic backgrounds: Inglewood and Santa Monica. Importantly, the study evaluated how climate injustice affects different socioeconomic communities and various race identities in Los Angeles

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