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All GHGMI courses are offered online via our Learning Management System (LMS). Classes are generally four weeks in duration, with the materials available for review for 11 months after course completion. Classes generally begin on the first day of each calendar month.

We estimate that it takes 16-20 hours to complete a typical course, although some specific courses may be longer or shorter.  You may find, based on your background and interest that it takes you more or less time than we estimate.

During the four-week period of a class, a live Instructor will lead the class, posting assignments and answering questions on the discussion forum, generally within 24 hours. There is no need to be online at the same time as your classmates or instructor.

You will also have a Learning Support Associate (LSA) to guide you on substantial or course-related concerns and technical matters. All online classes are self-paced and classes are accessible 24 hours/day. We do have a suggested study pace for participants and your LSA will send you reminders. All of the question and answer (Q&A), and discussions take place via email and are posted in discussion forums online. The course is available to you for 12 months: one month with assistance from the online instructor and LSA, and 11 months without.

The GHG Management Institute utilizes an online e-learning format to keep costs down and enable us to have a global reach as large as the internet itself. E-learning allows you to take a course without traveling and as your personal schedule permits. Online courses have a proven track record in public and private institutions. The U.S. Department of Education has compiled a report titled Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning, and the findings indicated that e-learning can actually out perform typical classroom learning. Click here to view their report. And as an added bonus, you avoid emissions from traveling to class.

Courses are animated with audio and are facilitated by live instructors. There are exercises and quizzes with each course, accessed through the online learning management system.

All of our courses can be taken individually. We suggest you contact us about our bundled programs if you have a group and wish to inquire about discounted tuition.


The GHG Management Institute offers three kinds of certificates:

  • A Certificate of Participation is awarded to those who complete and actively participate in a course.
  • A Certificate of Proficiency is awarded to those who fulfill the requirements for the Certificate of Participation, and successfully pass the exam associated with each course. An additional fee is charged for exams (typically US$175).
  • A Certificate of Training represents the completion of a full curriculum of courses and their associated exams. Exam fees are included in bundled program tuition.

Bundled Programs: The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute is committed to professionalizing the field of GHG measurement and management. It currently offers Certificates of Training in the following:

C101. GHG Accounting
C201. Advanced GHG Accounting

C102. Organizational GHG Management

C103 GHG Accounting and Verification

C104. GHG Offset Projects
C204. Advanced GHG Offset Projects

Dual and Triple Certificate Programs are also available:

D301. GHG Verification Advanced GHG Accounting
D302. GHG Offset Projects GHG Accounting
D303. GHG Offset Projects Advanced GHG Accounting

T401. GHG Offset Projects GHG Accounting GHG Verification
T402. GHG Offset Projects Advanced GHG Accounting GHG Verification

Schedule: Should you choose to enroll in a certificate program with several courses, you may schedule courses as you wish. Students typically take one course at a time, starting a new course each month. Just remember that you will have access to an instructor for one calendar month, after which you will have access to the course for one year from the day you start a course. Most learners will take their exam in the month following their instructed period. Students may join a class late, but will only have access to a live instructor during the calendar month of their course. We typically accept late enrollment up to 12 days from the start of the class.

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If you have any questions about our certificate programs or courses, please email