GHGMI Committee on Professional Competency Requirements prepares for fall standards push

September 28, 2010, by Tim Stumhofer

Earlier this summer GHGMI convened a group of international experts to examine and systematically address the question of competency in greenhouse gas management. This Institute-initiated “Committee on Professional Competency Requirements” (the Committee), a top priority of GHGMI’s professional programs has since begun to lay the groundwork for the realization of the Institute’s capacity building mission. While a priority, this initiative is but one component of GHGMI’s professional programs. The Committee’s work has been coordinated to dovetail with a range of other intellectual, ethical, and evaluative professional infrastructure undertakings. Specifically the Committee’s work has been synchronized to build on the Institute’s last year-released GHGMI Code of Ethical Conduct, the imminent launch of the peer-reviewed Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management journal, and the findings of GHGMI’s second annual workforce needs assessment (report forthcoming; 2009 report available, click here. (For more on the role of professional infrastructure in GHG management, see the following blog post: “Who is building our global MRV infrastructure?”.)

Considering the issue of practitioner competency through a multi-stakeholder lens, the Committee is leveraging the power of professionalization to support the young field of GHG management by defining criteria to support personnel certification, a critical piece of professional infrastructure of immeasurable benefit for governing, standardizing, and fostering the discipline’s rapidly growing practitioner community.

The Committee, selected with reference to experience, sectoral focus, and geographic distribution, brings together a diverse group of experts representing a range of stakeholders. Notably, the 20-person Committee spans the following:

*27% of those working in the service sector represent non-governmental/non-profit/aid organizations.

For more on the Committee, including a full list of members, click here.

The Committee is now working through the challenging task of defining competency requirements. This work includes a full consideration of education and training, experience, and other background considerations, as well an evaluation of appropriate forms of assessment. In addition, given the general newness of the field, considerable attention is being paid to boundary setting and scoping a generalist “GHG management” specification.

The work of the Committee promises to bring valuable attention to the critical question of personnel competency as GHG-related work continues to proliferate. To ensure Committee deliberation is appropriately structured, open and transparent, and expert-supported, the Committee’s policies and procedures are being drafted to ensure independence from GHGMI, which is serving a convening and secretariat role. The policies and procedures also allow for continuous improvement, including participation from approved outside observer organizations, and include mechanisms to call on support from external expert practitioners as needed.

The Committee’s work on competency requirements for the scope of GHG management will continue through this fall with further decisions regarding the timing and development of requirements for additional activities expected in the winter. Global personnel certification for professionals in the field, the overarching objective for which these requirements will form the technical basis, will follow the finalization of this work.

On behalf of the Committee’s administration, we look forward to working in partnership with you, the practitioner community, as our industry moves towards the important objective of professionalization. It is our hope that this Committee’s work products will foster robust debate and an actionable blueprint built on rigorous standards, promoting skills development, assuring competent ethical behavior, and enhancing transparency and governance.

2 responses to “GHGMI Committee on Professional Competency Requirements prepares for fall standards push”

  1. Eunsook Lee says:

    I also think it’s very important to demonstrate ethical behavior verification of GHG.

  2. Ann says:

    Glad to see this. Any idea yet what audience(s) will be of focus (e.g. environmental managers, consultants, investors, accountants, project developers, verifiers, etc.)? Will the approach be sector specific?

    Also, how will GHGMI ensure that the development process results in a fair, valid and reliable construct? What type of recognition does GHGMI aspire to for their standard?

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