October 31, 2014, by Molly White

This is the fourth webinar in a four-part webinar series featuring the authors of the guide, “Understanding Land Use in the UNFCCC.” This final webinar takes a more in-depth look at natural disturbances and Harvested Wood Products as outlined in the guide.

This webinar was recorded on October 30th, 2014. To view the webinar, click on the image below. If you are having trouble streaming the content, or would like to be able to move forward and back through the presentation, please download the recording first by clicking here.

To download slides from the presentation, click here.

We also welcome ongoing discussion on this webinar. Below this webinar is a comment field for viewers to participate in discussion, ask questions, and further engage with the community utilizing this guide.


To email the webinar facilitator directly, please contact:

Robert O’Sullivan
Senior Director, Finance and Carbon Markets
Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities (FCMC) Program

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