Events at COP25

November 21, 2019, by Molly White

Faculty and staff will participate in the following events at the UNFCCC COP25 in Madrid.  If events are recorded, the link will be provided on this page following the event.

Enhancing the Transparency Framework by Policy-Relevant MRV Systems

Thursday, 12 December, 16:45 – 18:15 | Room 2

A panel presentation discussing a range of policy-relevant MRV systems, how we can create those systems, and what are the key factors that make the systems successful.  Along with event organizers, panelists include Mr. Kazumasa Nagamori (Japan),  Ms. Mary Awad (Lebanon), and members of the Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub, Mr. Lennox Gladden (Belize) and Ms. Roxie Hutchinson (Grenada).

Capacity building assessment, indicators and frameworks to improve transparency

Thursday, 5 December, 10:15 – 11:30am | PCCB Capacity-Building Hub

A facilitated conversation on capacity building for enhanced national transparency, specifically building climate MRV capacity in developing countries in support of UNFCCC processes. Participants will discuss research methods for monitoring and evaluating past capacity-building efforts, and developing new frameworks and indicators for assessing capacity changes. Panelists include Michael Gillenwater (GHGMI), Molly White (GHGMI), Katie Goldman-Bickell (GHGMI), Sumit Prasad (CEEW), and Chiara Falduto (OECD).

Training Nature-Based Solution Professionals: Pre-Launch of Collaborative Capacity Lab

Thursday, 5 December, 10:30 – 11:45am | Indonesia Pavillion

The Carbon Institute is announcing a pre-launch of the Collaborative Capacity Lab at COP25. As the global community increases ambition on nature-based solutions to climate change, there is a clear need to enhance training and work forces in many Non-Annex I countries. Panelists include John Niles, Nur Masripatin, Gao Xianlian, Francois Hiol Hiol, Rizaldi Boer, Jean-Paul Kibambe.

Greenhouse Gas Management Institute & Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub

Exhibit Booth

Monday & Tuesday, 9-10 December @ Booth 13

Smart, accelerated MRV capacity building. Showcasing cooperative models and regionally-pooled MRV solutions.  Highlighting globally available online GHG management curriculum and other initiatives to improve transparency of reporting emissions inventories under the Paris Agreement.

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