Black lives matter

June 15, 2020, by Michael Gillenwater

These facts, we at the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI), affirm:

Words of solidarity at this moment can meaningfully contribute to momentum for change, but action is more important. GHGMI was founded on the principle that becoming a climate professional is as much about ethics as it is technical competency. With humility, we commit to the following initial steps and hope you will take your own anti-racist actions as well:

In solidarity,

Michael Gillenwater on behalf of GHGMI

4 responses to “Black lives matter”

  1. Frank Edward Paco Smith, Jr. says:

    I am honoured, albeit only on the periphery, to be associated with an organisation such as GHGMI that has the social consciousness to take a stand against systemic injustice.

    Undoubtedly there will be some who are not pleased. Yet in the grand scope of things, doing that which is “right” has never been unanimously embraced.

    With that, I commend the leadership of GHGMI for taking this principled stance and trust that it will resonate throughout the Climate Change community and beyond!

    All of humanity is interconnected in one fashion or another and by recognising this fact and taking proactive action, your efforts contribute to the holistic healing of the planet.


  2. Just wow! Makes me even more excited to form a relationship with GHGMI. Persefoni is startup that will help companies tackle some of the challenges with taking meaningful action against climate change. To see your actions in contributing to a better society means a lot!

  3. Beth Pottridge says:

    “Integrate training on bias, racism, and colonialism into our operations”

    This is very important. I believe every human being is capable of goodness, which is necessary to fight racial biases. The importance of sensitization on the dangers of racism cannot be underestimated as we fight to create a better world for the future generations. How it will be done is dependent on context as long is WE have the will to do it. Very proud of this Organisation

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