Climate-gate and Sarah Palin?

December 10, 2009, by Michael Gillenwater

You know that the times are getting a little weird when Sarah Palin starts talking about historical reconstructions using proxy data of average global surface temperature (see her recent opinion …

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This week’s guest blogger – Don Bain

December 9, 2009, by Michael Gillenwater

Please join me in welcoming one of our alumni and members as guest blogger this week for Inside the Institute. Don Bain is a highly successful management consultant, software expert and …

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Update from COP15 – What a ‘Whirlwind’

December 9, 2009, by Tim Stumhofer

To say my first two days at COP15 in Copenhagen have been a whirlwind, would not only be a tired cliché, but would also horrendously underestimate the speed at which …

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Emissions offsets — a subsurface headache for Copenhagen’s players

December 7, 2009, by Tim Stumhofer

From Nathanial Gronewold, E&E reporter UNITED NATIONS — As some 15,000 people gather in Copenhagen for a high-profile effort to create a follow-up treaty to the Kyoto Protocol agreement, some …

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Poorly informed critiques

December 7, 2009, by Michael Gillenwater

A group of climate activists have just produced an entertaining animated short called “The Story of Cap & Trade.” Although the film is correct to worry about market manipulation and …

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GHG Accounting: Rocket science without the calculus

November 30, 2009, by Tim Stumhofer

In an interview the other week I made the lazy mistake of oversimplifying GHG measurement with a tired colloquialism. While this may read as a statement of regret, I’m actually …

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NGOs give CDM a ‘passing grade’, call for reforms

November 25, 2009, by Michael Gillenwater

25 November, 2009 – Carbon Finance Six non-profits have concluded that the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) could provide sufficiently high-quality carbon offsets for a future US cap-and-trade programme, but have …

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Welcome to the new GHGMI!

November 24, 2009, by Michael Gillenwater

Welcome to the New Website! You can probably tell that we received an upgrade to our website. We are very excited about our new layout and believe it will provide …

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Saying Goodbye to the Copenhagen Protocol

November 24, 2009, by Michael Gillenwater

Those of us constantly sniffing the political winds during the numerous negotiations leading up to this December’s Conference of the Parties (COP15) in Copenhagen have known for some time that …

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What do we think of the Clean Development Mechanism?

November 21, 2009, by Michael Gillenwater

The GHG Management Institute is a founding member of the Offset Quality Initiative. OQI is a consensus-based effort that brings together the collective expertise of its six nonprofit member organizations: …

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