The Challenge

A core element of the GHG Management Institute’s mission is training and developing the GHG experts needed to implement climate change actions in governments, corporations, universities, and other organizations worldwide.

The GHG Management Institute believes professional development opportunities are sparking change that results in new and better mitigation actions in our communities and nations.

Our Approach

Our Education Program develops rigorous technical training that is accessible and online globally in GHG accounting, auditing, and management. We acknowledge that the tuition cost of our training courses and diplomas may be out of reach for some aspiring professionals located in low and middle-income economies.

Given this accessibility gap, in 2009 we launched a financial aid program, which awards a partial tuition scholarship to qualifying individuals (e.g., enrollees from low-income economies, universities, non-governmental organizations, and underrepresented demographic groups).

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Our Impact

Over the last 10 years, GHGMI has experienced a 3-fold increase in the number of scholarship applications, with 371 scholarships being awarded (equivalent to US$477,418) during that period.

Our amazing and diverse alumni have clearly demonstrated how this financial assistance allowed them to overcome financial barriers to advancing in the carbon management field. Indeed, some of our staff members were previously scholarship receiving alumni themselves.

Scholarship applicants always express how their ability to contribute to solving climate change in their communities is limited by access to their professional development. Unfortunately, GHG Management Institute is itself limited in available funding which oftentimes prevents us from being able to offer scholarships for the amounts that applicants request.

While economic disparity increases globally and the urgency in taking climate change action grows, we realize additional financial support is needed. That is why we are committed to making more financial aid available to communities around the globe, and we invite you to support this scholarship fund, where 100% of what you donate will go to learner scholarships.