Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management Journal: First Announcement and Call for Papers

April 19, 2010, by Stelios Pesmajoglou

Published by Earthscan, in association with the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management brings together information on the application of methods and techniques to estimate, measure, account and audit greenhouse gases, with experiences on their management and control. This includes experiences in implementing market-based instruments (such as the clean development mechanism and joint implementation) to achieve emission reduction objectives at all levels. It also presents conceptual, methodological and empirical analyses of policy-relevant metrics related to the management of greenhouse gases, and their impacts for industry, government and international organizations, with an emphasis on applied research. The editorial board is headed by Dr Tinus Pulles, Senior Researcher at TNO Built Environment and Geosciences, who has extensive experience in all European emission inventory activities. He was a coordinating lead author for the Energy volume of the IPCC 2006. Dr Pulles is supported by an international team of experts, including:

The journal is actively seeking submissions for its first issue, aiming to publish in November 2010. Authors are encouraged to submit original research papers, short communications/case studies, opinion pieces/commentaries, book reviews and meeting reports.

Areas covered include:

For full details of the journal, please visit


Papers and articles should follow the journal’s submission guidelines, and be sent to “the Editor” at

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