NCSI Australia and the Institute Announce Content Licensing Partnership

May 3, 2010, by Tom Baumann

Press Release: April, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

Agreement Signed to Upskill Australian Greenhouse Professionals

NCS International (“NCSI”) has signed a content licensing partnership agreement with the US-based Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (“GHGMI”) in a bid to build the capacity of Australian industry as it struggles to cope with the growing demand for greenhouse gas services.

GHGMI, an internationally-recognized leader in training climate change professionals, was founded as a non-profit organization in 2007 to train and support a global community of qualified professionals to work on GHG measurement, accounting, auditing and management.

The content licensing partnership will see a number of training courses built on GHGMI content and delivered in a bid to fulfill the emerging demand for competent and credible climate change professionals with training, skills and expertise in greenhouse accounting, reporting, auditing and compliance.  According to the Managing Director of NCSI International, Mr. Greg Jewson, “The need to up-skill professionals to deliver greenhouse services is an issue that is not limited to Australia.”

“A recent GHGMI survey of more than 700 key industry professionals, scientists and organizational leaders from around the world found that 83.9% of respondents believed there was a shortage of qualified greenhouse gas staff and experts to undertake current needs and planned initiatives,” said Mr Jewson.

NCSI’s Environment and Sustainability Manager responsible for Climate Change services, Mr. Nav Brah, confirmed the company’s alignment with GHGMI’s mission to develop and train a worldwide community of  GHG management experts: “Our partnership will help corporations, governments and organizations build capacity to adapt to emerging carbon markets and comply with a range of greenhouse regulations including the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) legislation, the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) and the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).”

“In partnering with GHGMI, we will be providing Australian industry with the necessary greenhouse skills training it requires to meet the growing demand for effective greenhouse gas measurement, accounting, auditing and management,” said Mr. Brah.

In welcoming the partnership with NCS International, the co-founder and Executive Director of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Mr Michael Gillenwater, said: “The role of qualified personnel in greenhouse gas management cannot be understated. From assuring the accuracy of the data underpinning carbon markets to ensuring an inventory can stand up to scrutiny, skilled experts are fundamental to addressing the challenge of climate change.”

“We are excited to partner with NCS International, one of Australia’s leading certification and training organizations, to deliver internationally recognised greenhouse management skills Australian industry needs,” said Mr. Gillenwater.

The first public GHGMI course being offered in Australia is the foundational course, Basics of Organizational GHG Accounting. It is based on the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO 14064: Part 1, the International Standard for preparing corporate greenhouse gas emission inventories. In addition, NCSI will also offer a further course covering reporting under NGER.  These courses will provide a robust foundation for a wide range of professionals working for, or providing services to, organizations with a mandatory requirement to report under NGER or to corporations voluntarily reporting their carbon footprint.

The agreement also comes following the announcement last month by The Department of Climate Change inviting applications from individuals who would like to register as greenhouse and energy auditors. A register of appropriately qualified and experienced greenhouse and energy auditors is being established under the NGER Legislation.  These auditors will need enhanced qualifications, knowledge and expertise in order to verify and ensure greenhouse emissions and energy consumption data reported by corporations are complete, accurate, reliable and transparent.

Around one thousand (1,000) Australian companies are expected to exceed greenhouse gas emission and energy reporting thresholds set by NGER Legislation by 2012.  Many of these companies will have to report their emissions and energy data and have it independently audited by October this year. Corporations must report their greenhouse gas emissions if they emitted more than 87,500 tonnes CO2 or if any facility controlled by the corporation emitted more than 25,000 tonnes CO2.

According to Mr. Brah: “Taking a pro-active approach to greenhouse gas reporting is not just good business, it’s prudent corporate governance. Now is the time to ensure professionals involved in greenhouse gas emissions compliance or preparing reports for carbon disclosure have the appropriate skills and expertise.”

To register for the first GHGMI course or for further information please visit or call NCS International at +61 1300 856 554.

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NCS International is one of Australia’s leading independent auditing and verification certification bodies and one of the largest providers of management systems auditing to the Australian utilities and resources sectors. NCS International was the first certification organization in Australia to deliver independent third party certification against ISO 14064.

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute is a registered nonprofit organization that trains, certifies and networks a global community of experts that account, audit and manage GHG emissions based on world-class training and professional standards. The Institute’s membership includes individuals and organizations, from beginners to professionals, working on all aspects of climate change. Founded in 2007 through a partnership between ClimateCHECK, the GHG Experts Network and GoVida e-Learning, the Institute works with the World Resources Institute, the World Bank, the United Nations, the Carbon Disclosure Project, Point Carbon, Harvard University Extension School and a globally distinguished faculty on training and professional development programs utilizing innovative Internet tools to ensure that professionals will be available to support future market mechanisms and other policy responses to climate change.

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  1. Samuel Otenyo says:


    This is very encouraging .The whole world needs to take Climate Change seriously and measure their GHG emissions.
    GHGI / NCSI have done well by signing the partnership. I will be ready to travel to Australia to support the work of the partnership.

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