2013 Community Survey Results

May 15, 2013, by Tim Stumhofer

Last month we initiated a short survey of community members to gather information to support an operational planning exercise. As GHGMI sits at the crossroads of online education and climate change policy, the past few months have been particulary fast-moving. Society is, at once, waking to the potential for e-learning to transform educational delivery and separately facing the growing challenge of accumulated GHG emissions, now at 400ppm CO2 and growing.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. We received almost 300 responses. You can view the full results* by clicking here.

Selected survey highlights:

We will be incorporating these findings into our operational strategy in the coming weeks and months. Please watch this space for further developments and announcements as we begin to roll out exciting new changes to our programming.

*Note: demographic and text box responses have been omitted for brevity and to protect respondents’ privacy.

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