Education Program “Upgrade and Reboot!”

September 10, 2013, by Molly White

GHGMI was established in 2007 with the mission of professionalizing greenhouse gas measurement and management. Since our founding, training and skills development has been central to realizing this vision. Today, after nearly a year of preparation, we are excited to announce a suite of improvements to our flagship Education Program that will help us better achieve this mission.

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[DDET New Diploma Programs] Over the last six years our library of online courses and in-person workshops has grown prodigiously. By the end of this year, our catalogue of public and program-specific courses will number more than 40. Adapting to this growth, we have simplified our credentialing system. The Institute will now offer three Diploma programs:  1) Diploma in GHG Accounting; 2) Diploma in Carbon Management; and 3) Diploma in GHG Measurement, Reporting, and Verification. These changes will enhance learners’ flexibility and better match the expanded curriculum to the knowledge and competencies that will be required of tomorrow’s carbon management professionals.

[DDET Modernized Software] Taking advantage of recent advances in the technology and practice of online education, we have upgraded our online course delivery systems. Our revamped program administration, including new Registrar, provides a user-friendly gateway to a state-of-the art learning environment, the new home for our pedagogically rich, interactive curriculum. These upgrades are key capacity investments in the future of the Institute, allowing us to accommodate tomorrow’s classes of GHG experts.

[DDET Expanded Access] Since our founding we have filled thousands course seats across nearly 100 countries. Yet, cost of delivery has been a perpetual challenge preventing us from reaching the many more that cite expense as a limiting factor. The technological, administrative, and instructional changes we are announcing today are an outcome of a concerted system-wide effort to both provide cost savings to learners and expand course access to new regions and communities. Recognizing the growing urgency of the climate challenge and the increasing political and technical complexity of efforts to address the issue, we think these changes are particularly timely and are excited to be able to better achieve our mission by substantially lowering our tuition fees and expanding our reach to tomorrow’s implementing practitioners.

It has been our great pleasure to serve the GHG community since 2007. With today’s announced program upgrades we look forward to growing, fostering, and professionalizing this community into a time when climate change is the world’s overarching focus.

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  1. Mowdudur Rahman says:

    Real initiative to protect our mother earth from increasing Green House Gas (GHG) and its consequences and management initiative.

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