REDD+ Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Manual and Summary for Policymakers

November 15, 2013, by Molly White

We are pleased to inform you that the REDD+ Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Manual and Summary for Policymakers produced by the Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities (FCMC) program is now available on the FCMC website.   Please click HERE to access the reports.  Stelios Pesmajoglou, the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute’s Director of Professional Programs; along with Jennifer Hewson (Conservation International) and Marc Steininger (FCMC and Conservation Intern), were editors of the report.

The purpose of the manual is to provide an overall review of institutional arrangements, data, models, techniques and accounting methods that should, or could, be part of a MRV system for REDD+. The manual is intended for multiple audiences, including those responsible for planning and implementing a MRV system within national or sub-national agencies, as well as managers and technicians responsible for designing sub-components of MRV system.

The MRV manual covers a range of fundamental issues for a national MRV system. It provides valuable guidance on non-technical aspects of building a system, including: specific information on national arrangements; reporting to the UNFCCC; capacity-building considerations; staffing; and levels of expertise. In the more technical areas of GHG inventories, field-based inventories and remote sensing of land use, the manual provides general overviews, but also discusses many important points in detail.

The Summary for Policymakers complements the manual and is intended for policymakers who require a general understanding of the components and major considerations for a MRV system. It provides an overview by introducing key MRV concepts and essential components, as well as brief summaries of important institutional, methodological, and capacity-building considerations.

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