BREAKING: Open Letter on the Issue of GHG Accounting for Scope 2

December 16, 2013, by Michael Gillenwater

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute’s Executive Director and Dean, Michael Gillenwater, has co-written an open letter on the issue of greenhouse gas accounting for Scope 2 emissions. Specifically, this letter lays out a clear position on the use of contractual approaches. The authors encourage you to read the letter (including technical annex and Q&A section), circulate it if you wish, and provide your comments at the bottom of the webpage. You can access the letter here:

The authors welcome an active intellectual discussion on this topic and hope the webpage will provide a venue for this to occur.  For those interested in endorsing the letter’s conclusions, see instructions on website.

Authorship (in alphabetical order)

Matthew Brander, Senior Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh Business School

Derik Broekhoff, Vice President, Climate Action Reserve (and former GHG Protocol team member)

Dr. Michael Gillenwater, Executive Director and Dean, GHG Management Institute (and core advisor to the revised edition of the GHG Protocol corporate standard)

Dr. Mark C. Trexler, Director, The Climatographers (and former President of Trexler Climate + Energy Services, which authored many early corporate GHG inventories)

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