Public Consultation and Webinar: Updated reporting framework for environmental information

November 18, 2014, by Tom Baumann

The final public consultation period on the updated version of the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) Framework is now open.  Deadline to provide comment and input is 14th December 2014. This new reporting framework helps companies add value by linking environmental and financial performance.

Want to learn more about the updated CDSB Framework?  Join a briefing via webinar this Friday 21st November.

The CDSB is a consortium of organizations all committed to effective reporting of environmental performance within mainstream corporate financial reports.  CDSB is excited to present this framework as it comes on the heels of many countries, companies, and investors coming to understand how future financial performance is linked to current and future management of environmental risks and opportunities.  By design, this framework is unique in that it minimises reporting burden by purposely connecting environmental information with a company’s existing financial report structure.  It is also supported by the main international accounting and assurance firms.

For more information email Dr. Jarlath Molloy.

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