The Carbon Institute in Cameroon

September 15, 2015, by John-O Niles

Mbalmayo, Cameroon | June 2015 | The Carbon Institute carried out a scoping study, to identify the current status in Cameroon for teaching terrestrial carbon accounting. With support from the US Forest Service, the Carbon Institute is helping run a five-day intensive terrestrial carbon accounting course with Cameroon academics from September 21 – 25. The goal of the training and mentoring program is to ensure there is adequate in-country government capacity minaapoteket to develop robust REDD+ reference levels and increase the quality of in-country carbon accounting teaching expertise. The forest pictured here is the Experimental Forest of the National Forestry School, in Mbalmayo, Cameroon where the upcoming course will be held.

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    Dear all,

    I am a GHGMI trainee on MRV Diploma course base in Cameroon. I will know more about the Carbon Institute in Cameroon. Is it operational, how to register or the get the training materials?