Trip Report: China and Indonesia

July 14, 2017, by Anup Joshi

The Carbon Institute partners are building the first comprehensive Certificates in Terrestrial Carbon Accounting in both China and Indonesia. In May, partners from China, Indonesia, and the United States met to discuss and revise curriculum in the six key subject areas. The certificates are being designed to ensure graduates are ready for employment in technical government jobs.

The six comprehensive Terrestrial Carbon Accounting course areas are:

  1. Science and Policy Context
  2. Carbon Modeling with GIS/Remote Sensing (developing activity data)
  3. 2006 IPCC Guidelines and Land Classification
  4. Data Collection and Field Methods (developing emission factors)
  5. Statistics for Terrestrial Carbon Accounting
  6. Analysis and Communication of Results

These programs will be housed at in-country institutions and are owned by in-country partners. The first certificates will be awarded in 2018.

Read the full trip report, written by TCI Assistant Director Dr. Anup Joshi.

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