Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub (CCMRVH)

August 27, 2018, by Patrick Cage

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute is pleased to announce that the Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub (CCMRVH) has been funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

This project will assist English-speaking countries in the Caribbean region to efficiently develop GHG inventories, mitigation projections, and track their NDCs. The CCMRVH will pool experts from participating countries to establish regional MRV institutional arrangements and products. The project’s target beneficiaries are the national governments of the participating countries as well as existing and new experts engaged in MRV work in each of these countries.

Key implementation partners include:

Key activities include:

This 5-year project is in the early mobilization phase. If you would like to receive project-specific updates, you may sign-up here.

This project is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag.

4 responses to “Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub (CCMRVH)”

  1. This looks like an exciting project, getting down to business on the aspects of MRV, carbon accounts and reporting needed to make international collaboration on the Paris Agreement actually happen. Bravo!

  2. Michael Gillenwater says:


    Thank you for your feedback. We obviously agree that more getting down to building MRV systems is needed. Not just talking, nor just training.

    – Michael

  3. I work for a non-profit in the Cayman Islands and would like to get our country involved in this project. How do I do that? Thanks for the help.

    • Michael Gillenwater says:


      We would love to get the Cayman Islands involved. Unfortunately, the project is applicable only to sovereign nations in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands is a British Territory, as you know. I would suggest you reach out to the British government’s climate change office to inquire about working on these issues for the territory.


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