Methods to Account for GHG Emissions Embedded in Wholesale Power Purchases

April 2, 2019, by Michael Gillenwater

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute has recently published a report for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

This report was prepared to answer a simple question: “How should an electric company account properly for the GHG emissions associated with the electricity it generates and purchases in wholesale electricity markets and resells to end-use consumers?

The report examines the greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting methods in use by various GHG reporting programs and jurisdictions in the United States and internationally to account for electric company GHG emissions, with a focus on the accounting for indirect CO2 emissions associated with wholesale power transactions for delivery to retail end-use customers. It describes different GHG accounting options available to account for the GHG emissions associated with electric power sold to end-use consumers.

Click here to download the full report.

Principal Investigators: Clare Breidenich (GHGMI); Michael Gillenwater (GHGMI); Derik Broekhoff (SEI); Wiley Barbour (GHGMI); Adam Diamant (EPRI)


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  1. Lourdes Arciaga says:

    Thank you for sharing this report. This is very useful as reference materials.

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