Free Webinar, Fall 2019: Online Graduate Certificate in GHG Management

July 1, 2019, by Erika Barnett

Want to learn more about earning an online GHG management certificate, but weren’t able to attend our recent webinar? Click the link below to watch the webinar that took place on July 10th, 2019. In this short 30-minute webinar, Rachael Jonassen (George Washington University), Tom Baumann (GHGMI), and Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun (Econoler) gave an overview of the program and explained the courses being offered this Fall 2019.

Click Here to Watch the Webinar

This accredited certificate program can be taken online from any location in the world. To learn more: GWU Graduate Certificate in GHG Management

Our hosts and certificate faculty provided an in-depth overview of the program and the courses offered this Fall.

Dr. Rachael Jonassen (George Washington University) advised the Department of Energy as it established the U.S. federal greenhouse gas reporting program and led development of greenhouse gas inventories for multiple federal agencies. Dr. Jonassen also co-authored protocols for greenhouse gas accounting and assessment of mitigation goals. 

Tom Baumann (GHGMI) is the co-founder and Director of Knowledge Management at GHGMI. Tom is continually pushing the envelope for exploring how digital technologies can better serve GHG MRV.  To this end he is also the co-founder of Collaborase (an application that facilitates consensus-based mass collaboration, e.g. GHG MRV guidance).

Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun (Econoler) is a manager and climate expert driven by meaningful and collaborative leadership and innovative models for change. His expertise is in carbon pricing instruments and emissions markets, electricity policy reforms, climate finance, and UNFCCC negotiations.

Courses in this accredited certificate program can be taken online from anywhere in the world. Courses can also be applied towards a full Master’s Degree in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at the George Washington University. Already enrolled in a graduate program? Courses are transferable.

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