Capacity Building Modules for Agriculture and Forest Sector ICAT Assessment Guides

May 10, 2022, by Olga Lyandres

The Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) provides countries with a suite of tools and guides, the ICAT Toolbox, to help them assess their climate policies’ impacts and to strengthen their climate action efforts and goals under the Paris Agreement. Yet, countries may still face an array of challenges when attempting to use a guide or tool for the first time. One barrier is a lack of training to apply the methodologies.

Among the ICAT Toolbox are the ICAT Policy Assessment guides for assessing greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of policies and actions for different sectors. The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI) led the development and co-authored the Agriculture and Forest Sector Assessment Guides, which are now publicly available online. The latest effort to facilitate usability was the development of Capacity Building (CB) Modules for these guides[1]. The CB Modules are designed to support training and workshops on the application of the ICAT Assessment Guides such that national experts and other local stakeholders gain knowledge and experience with the methodologies in the guides.

The CB modules are supplemental to the ICAT Policy Assessment Guides (Agriculture Guide and Forestry Guide).[2] They provide an overview of the methodologies, examples, and exercises to use in capacity building trainings and workshops in an instructional form. The availability of CB Modules offers a solid foundation for training on assessment methodologies, which can also be readily leveraged into the capacity building interventions and tailored to country-specific assessment needs. The CB Modules for Agriculture and Forestry are designed to facilitate learning outcomes through the use of interactive elements such as in-slide exercises, walkthrough examples drawn from the guides, quizzes, and instructor notes in each slide for easy navigation and delivery of content. These CB Modules also include excel workbooks which can be used as reporting templates,[3] and contain helpful filled-in examples. Ultimately, the CB modules can enhance national capacity to develop, forecast, and assess a country’s mitigation actions and their impact on GHG emissions in the Agriculture and Forestry sectors.

GHGMI adapted and utilized the Agriculture CB Modules in Fiji to help identify potential agriculture sector policies to assess and to assist in applying the ICAT agriculture guide.

[1] The Agriculture and Forestry CB modules are the newest addition to ICAT Toolbox joining previously developed CB modules for the Introductory, Sustainable Development, Transformational Change, and Stakeholder Participation guides.

[2] To access the CB Modules for the Agriculture and Forestry Assessment Guides scroll to the bottom of the linked pages where the CB Modules are provided.

[3] Accessible when downloaded with parts II and III of the modules

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